Nine Lives of Norton

Feline Rescue Shelter Inc.

Adopt-A-Cage Program



Nine Lives Adopt-A-Cage program gives donors an

opportunity to support the shelter in a very unique way.


Your monthly donation helps to provide shelter residents with food and medical attention.


This is a great program for anybody who loves cats and

can not have a cat of their own! 


When you Adopt-A-Cage you will receive a picture and

information on the cat that is presently in that cage.

You will also receive our regular newsletter. 

We welcome our sponsors to come in and visit their cats.


The shelter is open on Saturdays from 11am – 2pm.


Adopt-A-Cage makes a wonderful gift for someone

who you really care about.


When you sponsor a cat through Adopt-A-Cage as a gift we will notify the recipient of your kindness and send them a picture of the resident of their sponsored cage.


We hope that you will consider becoming one of our

Adopt-A-Cage Sponsors.


Thank you for supporting Nine Lives of Norton, 

a non-profit, all-volunteer, no-kill shelter.  

All donations are tax deductible.