Nine Lives of Norton

Feline Rescue Shelter Inc.

Volunteer Application

Nine Lives of Norton Volunteer Application

Nine Lives is an all volunteer, non-profit, no kill feline rescue shelter.  

We have placed many kitties in loving homes, but there is still alot of work to do.  With your help we can make a difference for the homeless cats of Norton.
*Please check all that you are interested in doing:
Direct kitty care (cage cleaning, feeding, playing, etc)
Working to socialize cats.
Volunteer time due to Community Service (service log will need to be filled out each time you come)
Available to fill in (occasionally) other times & days:
*Please indicate the time & day you are available each week. Please understand you are responsible for your shift. Our kitties require care twice a day. If you are unable to come & you do not call, the kitties will not get the care they deserve, du
Monday  AM  PM
Tuesday  AM  PM
Wednesday  AM  PM
Thursday  AM  PM
Friday  AM  PM
Saturday  AM  PM
Sunday  AM  PM
Our mission is to end the over population of unwanted & homeless cats.  Help us to overcome the abuse & neglect of these cats.  Your donation of time and love will be greatly appreciated.  

All persons wishing to volunteer who are under the age of 16 can still do so at the discretion of the volunteer coordinator and with the accompaniment of a Parent or Guardian.  Parent/Guardian signature is required, and must be on file at the shelter.  All volunteers must also sign the volunteer application at the shelter.  

*Parent/Guardian Signature:  _________________________________________________________

*Volunteer Signature: _______________________________________________________________

I understand that by signing this form I absolve Nine Lives of Norton Feline Rescue Shelter of any responsibility for any injuries  or damages to property that may occur while volunteering with Nine Lives.  I understand that some of the kitties may be stray or abandoned and could be frightened and might scratch or bite.  

I understand every volunteer is important and every kitty deserves the best care.  

With my signature I will do my best to be responsible for my assigned time and day if for any reason I can not I will communicate such reasons in a timely manner.

*Liability Waiver Signature: __________________________________________________________

*Date: _____________________________________

*Volunteer Application and Waiver is to be signed at the shelter in the presence of a Nine Lives of Norton Volunteer.